This website refers in the main to holiday destinations within the Republic of Cyprus

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This website is intended to deliver unbiased information and opinion from a variety of sources - helping you with your decisions about visiting Cyprus as a holiday destination. In recent years tourism in Cyprus is contributing over 10% of the Cypriot GDP. Larnaca International Airport is an international airport located near Larnaca. Paphos International Airport is located about 16 km / 10 miles from the city of Paphos.

There are around 2.5 million tourist arrivals each year now with the highest percentages arrivals by % of total from: Britain (around 60%), Germany (around 7%), Greece (around 6%), Russia (around 5%) and Sweden (around 4%) - rest of the world just 18% ! Much of the tourist industry relies upon these clean beaches to attract foreign tourists. Marinas and casinos are being developed to add to the tourist attractions of the island. Paphos is situated in the western part of Cyprus. Much of the tourist industry relies upon these clean beaches to attract foreign tourists Marinas and casinos are being developed to add to the tourist attractions of the island

Cyprus Agrotourism Holidays

Cyprus is a wonderful Mediterranean island with a great agricultural heritage - still well preserved in the old villages and rural areas Cyprus Agrotourism is a style of vacation that normally takes place on or around a Cypriot farm or smallholding.

Get in touch with the Cyprus traditional way of life

It will be completely laid back, with time to take leisurely walks in the picturesque villages or with morning coffee in one of the local taverns. Gardens with olive trees and rare Mediterranean flowers can put you in relaxed state and you will never forget this Cyprus Agrotourism holiday with a difference

What a charming way to spend a holiday in Cyprus, don't you think?

Cyprus Holidays are a really broad topic for the single reason that it is probably the island's single biggest money earner. From a second property boom, to entire Cypriot towns being developed to cater for the budget holiday maker such as Ayia Napa which was formerly a sleepy fishing village that was founded by Greek Cypriot refugees from the war in 1975 during the Turkish invasion.

Many of Cyprus's Public Holidays are based on religious events and celebrations.

Religion plays such a pivotal role in the country's affairs that the church is probably the most powerful non-state organization on Cyprus. To experience the diversity of the country you only have to visit your local holiday travel agent's shop to see what one means when they say "The island of Aphrodite".

Despite the ethnic division of Cyprus in 1974, following the Turkish invasion of the island, a number of Turkish Cypriots chose to remain in the area. The western half of the range is also known as the Pentadactylos ("five fingers") mountains. Prices are generally lower from the rest of the island. You may, however, enter the North from the South if you have any EU, USA, or Australian passport but caution is needed while traveling in the North as there are no diplomatic relations at the moment.

Discover the best of Cyprus

Once you become a travel fanatic, like I am, you will see there are not that many incredible places on this planet you can visit. But there are places you can visit a hundred times and still have the feeling you are there for the first time. It is not because they change often or the people are always redecorating the bars and restaurants. It is so, because they are too beautiful that you can't realize their whole beauty in just one visit.

One of those places is Cyprus. I have been there four times and every single time I get mesmerized by its beauty like it is the first time. Once you go there you will see what I mean. It's beaches are amazing and the nature seems untouched by human.

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The world of beauty

Although there were some political problems on Cyprus in the last few years, today it is ok to travel there. The politicians found a solution for the territorial problems and the whole situation has calmed down. Thank God for that, because I really love the time I spend there. It is both beautiful to visit it during the summer, where you can chill on the beach and get a tan, but also to visit it during the winter, especially after Christmas, when it's covered in snow and everything gets a whole different look.

The hotels there are not expensive. You can get a room with breakfast for less than $200. And it won't be a cheap one, that is the prize for the better ones, near the sea and with good room service and pretty clean rooms. It is important to book your room before you go there because everything is taken during the season and it is quite hard to get something if you just go to a hotel or even if you book the room to late.

Amphora Hotel & Suites is one I always look to stay in. It is located in Paphos city just right next to the beach. I can guaranty you will get a room with a beautiful view on the sea and experience some of the most beautiful sunsets you will ever see. Asterias Beach Hotel is also one I stayed in. It is also just next to the beach, and that is a private beach, that means it is the property of the hotel, so you can be sure it won't get crowded and you will have all the space you need.

If you love to explore different cultures and learn about other countries and their history you need to visit the Troodos Mountains while you are in Cyprus. They are on the list of UNESCO's World Heritage and have some old villages and buildings that are still populated.

Protaras is the reason why most people visit Cyprus. It has some of the world's most beautiful beaches and the sky seems to become one with the sea. I am sure you will enjoy the view once you get there.