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Water and Adventure parks in Cyprus

It is always hard to make your kids amused when you go to a vacation, especially if it summer and you just want to lay down on the beach and enjoy your free time and relax. But in every place there are some quite interesting amusement and adventure parks. One of the places where you can get everything from the opportunity to relax and just chill on the beach to learning more about other cultures and keep your children in good mood is Cyprus.

A world of amazing FUN!

One of the best places on the world if you love sunsets and beautiful see is definitely the small island Cyprus. One of the most interesting and beautiful water parks I have ever seen in the WaterWorld Waterpark in Ayia Napa on Cyprus. It has great and clear pools and is never overcrowded. The waterslides are amazing, high and pretty safe for children. They have even restaurants where you can taste some of the best local cuisine food. The ticket is not expensive and the prices are pretty low, although you get the best there is on Cyprus. WaterWorld is really a good place for both adults and children.

Camel Park and more

The city Mazotos offers a quite unique Camel Park. I am sure your children and you will enjoy the time there. The food at the restaurants in the park are great and everyone is really friendly. The camels are not too excited but I am sure you and your children will be once you visit this amazing park.

With or without children, we are all about family getaways

If you love ice skating and your children to, you have to visit the Cyprus on Ice park in Limassol. It is open during the whole year and it is originally made for children. The space is not too big and never gets overcrowded. You will enjoy this cool experience in the middle of the summer, I am sure.