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Cyprus is an island state located in the Mediterranean sea. For hundreds of years this place was the intersection of many cultures, people and customs. Cyprus is a country that is placed in the middle of the most frequent sea in Europe. Today, this is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Tourism and trade bring a lot money to this country.

You and Aphrodite

Here you can find rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, rocky hills and wooded mountains in one place. The Mediterranean climate makes it possible to visit this place whenever you want, because they have 340 sunny days in one year. It's believed that every woman who cleans her face with the water between two rocks where it's believed that Aphrodite was born will be beautiful her whole life. A few cities you should visit are: Limassol, Salamis, Paphos and Amathus. The sea is crystal clear, but cold. Hosts are very kind here, and you can enjoy drinking your coffee, eating your food, shopping, using bars, hotels and restaurants. The fun on this island last 24 hours every day.

Beach nearby your hotel

Once you are on the beach, you will not want to go back to your hotel. There is enough space for differently activities. If you want to play a sport, it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, people will want you to join. On this island you can try parasailing, which is fun activity. You can choose to do it by yourself or in a group. You will be high above the water and near the sun. It is really beautiful.

Luxuries you can afford / or not

It is a little expensive to rent a boat, but if you can afford it you should do it. You can rent different types of boats here. But the point is always the same, explore the sea, relax and enjoy the water, the sun and the salty wind. You can also dive here. If you like to see what is below the water surface you should try this out. Doing this type of activity witch is great for your body, you can be near the seafloor, follow fishes and explore this beautiful and secret world.